About Me

I’m a plain Jane who prefers homemade bread to cuisine I can’t pronounce. I’d rather receive flowers picked in your own garden than an elaborate bouquet from a florist. My house needs to be a home, not a trophy of my success. Success is not money in the bank, but the difference I could make in the lives of the ones I love. I’d rather dance in the rain than go for pedis at a spa. When talking, I’m very expressive with hand gestures and I talk quite fast. I walk fast. I might be impatient at times. I laugh loudly and I believe in all or nothing. I think I might have been Mediterranean in a previous life. I can’t see myself ever living without pets (Mina and Charlie are my little sentinels when I get home late after a shoot). I love rain … nothing beats the smell of rain or the slow deep rumbling of thunder. I can so see myself living in Scotland in a small cottage away from everything, cloaked in its rain and mist. If money was no object, I would travel. Travel awakens a feeling in me that I can’t really put into words. I guess the following quote says it best: “Traveling allows you to become so many different versions of yourself.”

I didn’t think of myself as a romantic person, but when I finally dared to enter the wonderful world of weddings, my creative soul sang.  As soon as I started embracing the moments within the beauty of a wedding day, I started to feel what you feel on this special day. I capture the interaction between you and your groom, I hear the laughter of your family and I see the joyous tears during the ceremony. My heart beats faster. And I yearn for you to have these memories of the beautifully spontaneous moments between the flowers and the rings and the gorgeous dress. After each wedding I am privileged to capture, I have to admit … I do have a very romantic side!

So if you would like me to tell your special day’s story in an emotional & unpretentious way – send me an e- mail