12 August 2012

After my visit to Vietnam and Thailand I just realised I’m a city girl at heart – I draw my energy from the hustle and bustle of big cities. Don’t get me wrong – every now an again I need a weekend away to the peace and quiet of a small town in the Karoo with no cellphone reception. But I always feel so alive the moment I’m in a city. To me cities have personalities, and like people, you will either get along or not with a certain personality. Some people don’t like Bangkok at all, I on the other hand loved it. It had it’s dodgy parts – like most cities, but the essence of Bangkok is beautiful, bright and friendly. We visited the Grand Palace, the biggest Buddhist temple in Thailand, and although I’m a Christian, I was touched by the spirituality of the place. And the detail and opulence are so overwhelming, that you get a sensory overload…I left with a headache LOL. We stayed in a wonderful hotel, The Banyan Tree, it was our splurge part of the holiday, and we where treated like kings. I wished we could have stayed longer than the 2 nights we did.

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