Flip & Ilze-Marie


3 August 2016

My 1st time shooting at Kaleo in Die Koue Bokkeveld and I enjoyed it so much! I know talking about the weather is one of the least interesting things to talk about when you have a gorgeous bride, with a stunning dress and veil made by her mom. A groom who, tie died his and his groomsmen’s socks himself (kudos for that), a venue decorated with stunning grey & bright yellow accents, but seriously I’ve never had a wedding where the wind blew as much and although the rain forecasted kept at bay until later that night, it was literally cold enough to make me think we’ll wake up with a smudge of snow on the mountains. It just shows you, you can’t plan everything, you just have to let it be and enjoy the moment as is… and even though they where a bit disappointed that some of the plans had to change, they still had a blast!

So many things are ordinary, love should not be one of them…

The highlights of the day for me was Flip’s reaction when his bride walked down the aisle.. first I heard him say “Dammit sy lyk mooi” to his best man and then wildly gesturing for everybody to stand up as she entered. Second high light was the slide show, Ilze-Marie’s sister compiled. Apparently Flip and Ilze-Marie have not seen baby/growing-up pictures of each other before that slideshow. What an amazing idea… it was a great recipe for lots of laughter and a bit of nostalgia & tears.

F&I-1 F&I-2 F&I-3 F&I-4 F&I-5 F&I-5a F&I-5b F&I-5c F&I-5d F&I-5e F&I-5f F&I-5g F&I-5h F&I-5i F&I-5j F&I-6 F&I-7 F&I-8 F&I-19 F&I-20 F&I-21 F&I-22 F&I-23 F&I-24 F&I-25 F&I-26 F&I-27 F&I-28 F&I-29 F&I-30 F&I-31 F&I-32 F&I-33 F&I-34 F&I-35 F&I-36 F&I-37 F&I-38 F&I-39 F&I-40 F&I-41 F&I-42 F&I-43 F&I-44 F&I-45 F&I-46 F&I-47 F&I-48 F&I-49 F&I-50 F&I-50a F&I-50b F&I-51 F&I-52 F&I-52a F&I-53 F&I-54 F&I-55 F&I-56 F&I-59 F&I-61 F&I-62 F&I-63 F&I-63a F&I-63b F&I-63c F&I-64 F&I-65 F&I-66 F&I-66a F&I-66b F&I-67 F&I-68 F&I-68a F&I-72 F&I-75 F&I-77 F&I-78 F&I-79 F&I-80 F&I-81 F&I-82 F&I-83 F&I-84 F&I-85 F&I-86 F&I-87 F&I-88 F&I-89 F&I-90 F&I-91 F&I-92 F&I-93 F&I-94 F&I-95 F&I-96 F&I-97 F&I-98 F&I-99 F&I-100 F&I-101 F&I-102 F&I-103 F&I-104 F&I-105 F&I-106 F&I-107 F&I-108 F&I-109 F&I-110 F&I-111 F&I-112 F&I-113 F&I-114 F&I-115 F&I-116 F&I-117 F&I-118 F&I-119 F&I-120 F&I-121 F&I-122 F&I-123 F&I-124 F&I-125 F&I-126 F&I-127 F&I-128 F&I-129 F&I-130 F&I-131 F&I-132 F&I-133 F&I-134 F&I-135 F&I-136 F&I-137 F&I-138 F&I-139 F&I-140 F&I-141 F&I-142 F&I-143 F&I-144 F&I-145 F&I-146 F&I-147 F&I-148 F&I-149 F&I-150 F&I-151 F&I-152 F&I-153 F&I-154 F&I-155 F&I-156 F&I-157 F&I-158 F&I-159 F&I-160 F&I-161 F&I-162 F&I-163 F&I-164 F&I-165 F&I-166 F&I-167 F&I-168 F&I-169

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  1. Monica Dart Photography

    Jani, I love your work. You have a real flair with real, raw emotions….and I can see how ‘present’ you are when you’re shooting. This wedding is incredibly beautiful…and so many winning shots in there…the little bridesmaid with backlit hair…the little boy crying….the energy in the wind swept couple shoot. Well done. Your couple are going to freaking LOVE these!!!


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