Hello Adrian!

Hello world....

7 October 2015

I visited my sister, Christelle and her husband, Eric, when Adrian was only 10 days old. What an eye opener… babies literally eat, poop, sleep, repeat in 2-3 hour cycles. Experiencing that “chaos” and absolute dedication was truly a life changing experience. Looking back on how tired my sister was, and how crazy it was for them to adapt to the new little thing in their midst – I should probably have given them a bit of a breather before visiting.

Babies are Such a Nice Way To Start People – Don Herold

Adrian is a year old now…crazy how time flies. Keep an eye open for the post about his Christening.

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  1. Erika Baker

    Dankie. So spesiaal. Kan nie glo dis al meer as ‘n jaar later nie! Adrian is juis nou so oulik. Ongelooflik hoe so klein mensie diep in ‘n ouma se hart kan kruip.


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