Land of Fire & Ice

1 May 2017

I’m in two minds about Iceland…I’ve been in love with the country for the past 12 years. I loved her when most people couldn’t place it on a map and only a few may have known the singer Björk was born there. I’ve had a fascination with it long before Kanye & The Bieber shot music videos there. It’s been on my bucket list for as long, but it’s always been terribly expensive to get there. So I feel really conflicted in the fact that it’s become so popular in such a short time. Since the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”, Iceland has had an influx of tourists and needless to say the Euro Cup added to it’s popularity… suddenly everyone wanted to see the country with mystical landscapes and Vikings. When I visited, one of the hosts at an AirBnB I stayed, said that they had 1.5 million visitors in the past 6 months. Iceland’s TOTAL population is 330 000. I can HIGHLY recommend the AirBnb I stayed at in Vík , both Mani the host and Mani the dog ( he even has his own Facebook page) made our stay comfortable and homely – and the flying Pirates Flag just ads a little quirk ;)

On the positive side, the popularity has cause flights to become fairly reasonable (food & alcohol, however is still very expensive – R375 for a bowl of Minestrone Soup), on the negative side if you still want to experience Iceland as the vast and untouched country it used to be, you will either have to visit the North or get out of bed at the sparrows fart, to see the sights without plenty of tourists. Yes, I know I’m being a hypocrite… Imyself being a tourist. I did find some of the tourists incredibly selfish…walking on moss that takes hundreds of years to grow…climbing over barriers where Puffins are breeding. The sights are free at this stage, but I have a faint suspicion that this might change in the near future. Some of the places are not meant to take that amount of visitors in a day, and they will have to limit it in some way, otherwise the damage to nature will be irreversible BUT with all that being said and not wanting to sound like a fuddy duddy… this trip has been the most incredible, life changing, can’t-really-put-into-words experience!!!!

From Moss covered lava fields that looks straight out of a fantasy movie, to stretches of black beach, the Glacier Lagoons, the cute Icelandic horses and fluffy sheep. One of my most memorable moments was visiting the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon…if you arrive early you get to experience silence and then a crash as chunks of ice as large as cars drop into the lagoon and slowly drift to the ocean. I’m a christian and I experienced MANY Godly moments on this trip, but even if you aren’t religious this country touches your soul in a way I’ve not experienced before. I wasn’t fortunate to experience the Northern Lights, but I prepared myself for that and seeing them would have just been the cherry on top of an incredible trip. The Icelandic people are from the most creative I’ve seen, I asked Mani, my host at my AirBnB why and he said that they focus on working creatively with your hands in school and the long winters force you to find something to do with your hands when there’s nothing else to do. Have a look at the amazing Graffiti in Reykjavik and the Harpa Concert Hall with it’s honeycomb windows. Oh and I almost forgot to mention the local Yoghurt called Skyr…technically it’s a cheese, but it looks like yoghurt…incredibly thick, creamy yoghurt. No carbs, almost zero calories and packed full of protein, I basically lived of the stuff.

1Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 2Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 3Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 4Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 5Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 6Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 7Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 8Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 9Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 10Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 11Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 12Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 13Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 14Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 15Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 16Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 18Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 20Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 21Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 22Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 23Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 24Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 25Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 26Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 27Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 29Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 30Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 31Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 32Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 33Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 34Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 35Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 36Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 37Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 38Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 39Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 40Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 41Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 42Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 43Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 44Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 46Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 47Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 48Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 49Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 50Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 51Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 52Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 53Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 55Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 57Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 59Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 60Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 62Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 63Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 66Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 68Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 69Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 71Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 72Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 73Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 74Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 75Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 76Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 77Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 78Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 79Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 80Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 81Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 82Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 83Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 84Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 85Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 87Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 88Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 89Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 90Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 91Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 93Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 94Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 95Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 96Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 97Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 98Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 99Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 100Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 101Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ 102Travel-Photographer_-Iceland_1Ring-Road_ Travel-Photographer_Iceland_Reykjavik_1 Travel-Photographer_Iceland_Reykjavik_2 Travel-Photographer_Iceland_Reykjavik_3 Travel-Photographer_Iceland_Reykjavik_4 Travel-Photographer_Iceland_Reykjavik_5 Travel-Photographer_Iceland_Reykjavik_6 Travel-Photographer_Iceland_Reykjavik_9 Travel-Photographer_Iceland_Reykjavik_10 Travel-Photographer_Iceland_Reykjavik_11

Spot the toy soldier…

Travel-Photographer_Iceland_Reykjavik_12 Travel-Photographer_Iceland_Reykjavik_13 Travel-Photographer_Iceland_Reykjavik_14 Travel-Photographer_Iceland_Reykjavik_15 Travel-Photographer_Iceland_Reykjavik_16 Travel-Photographer_Iceland_Reykjavik_17 Travel-Photographer_Iceland_Reykjavik_18 Travel-Photographer_Iceland_Reykjavik_19 Travel-Photographer_Iceland_Reykjavik_20 Travel-Photographer_Iceland_Reykjavik_21 Travel-Photographer_Iceland_Reykjavik_22 Travel-Photographer_Iceland_Reykjavik_23 Travel-Photographer_Iceland_Reykjavik_24 Travel-Photographer_Iceland_Reykjavik_25 Travel-Photographer_Iceland_Reykjavik_25a Travel-Photographer_Iceland_Reykjavik_25b Travel-Photographer_Iceland_Reykjavik_25c Travel-Photographer_Iceland_Reykjavik_25d Travel-Photographer_Iceland_Reykjavik_26 Travel-Photographer_Iceland_Reykjavik_27

Not the Northern Lights..just a lens I dropped ;(

Travel-Photographer_Iceland_Reykjavik_31 Travel-Photographer_Iceland_Reykjavik_32 Travel-Photographer_Iceland_Reykjavik_33 Travel-Photographer_Iceland_Reykjavik_35 Travel-Photographer_Iceland_Reykjavik_36 Travel-Photographer_Iceland_Reykjavik_37 Travel-Photographer_Iceland_Reykjavik_38 Travel-Photographer_Iceland_Reykjavik_45 u1 u2 u3

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  1. Monica Dart

    Wonderful images Jani! Reminds me so much of Sweden!! Iceland is still on my list of places to visit…and seeing this just confirmed that!

  2. Ina

    Wow wow wow, Jani!!! Dis insanely beautiful!

  3. Amie

    Jani…these images are breathtaking – make me want to hop on a plane and explore this exquisite country. Another beautiful portfolio!

  4. Selma

    Oh my goodness Jani. This is national geographic stuff. I am mesmerized by your photography my friend!

  5. Mariana

    Jou fotos is amazing

  6. Karina

    Stunning fotos Jani!!!!!
    Die landskap kleure is net crazy! Ek sou op elke muur in my huis ‘n huge canvas wil sit!

  7. Mich

    WoW Jani ❣️ You’ve captured the true essence of this beautiful place! Thanks for sharing your phenomenal images. X

  8. Christelle Baker



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