Istanbul – Turkey

Land of the Ottomans

14 August 2014

Normally when I travel, I try to have a layover in a different city, that way I get a taster of a country. On my trip to the US, I flew with Air Turkey and they have this amazing tourism initiative, if you have a layover in Istanbul for 6 hours and longer, you get a free city tour. It’s great to get to see the city with a guide, unfortunately it’s not great for taking photos, they are on quite a tight schedule. Because I only had a 6 hour layover (of which 1.5 hours is traveling to and from the airport) I didn’t get to visit the Spice Market and the Grand Bazaar, but did visit the Haga Sofia & the Blue Mosque. I loved it and Turkey is a definite must in the future… apparently Cappadocia is unbelievable!

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