Rome, Florence, Siena, Cinque Terre, Lake Como & Milan

10 June 2012

This past year was a year with lots of challenges, uncertainty and above all gratitude. It was the first year that I worked for myself and being the all-or-nothing kind of person I am, I forgot to set boundaries, to look after the people I love and above all maintaining some balance. But with a hectic season (shooting 49 weddings) behind me I decided that there would be no more ‘what if’s” which equals the fear of doing new things and no more “if only’s” which equals regret. My mom turned 60 in June and she’s never been to Europe or for that matter any other place overseas. So knowing her dream I decided us two should do a trip to France & Italy. The best part of the trip was seeing my mother’s reaction to all the wonders of a different culture and country. From trying new things, like cooking classes in Siena (we ate Rabbit) and driving on the wrong side of the road to taking the ferry with our car in Lake Como. So I’m glad to say that I’ve had time to tick off one of the things on my bucket list – one less “what if” and “if only”. Mom I had so much fun, we laughed so much and thank you for memories I would never forget –  thank you for giving up on al lot of your dreams to be able to make mine come true – I love you so, so much!

These pictures were taken with my Canon 5D ii, a Sony Cybershot Point-and-shoot and my iPhone.

1 2 Jani_B_9_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer9 3Jani_B_6_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer6 4 Jani_B_5_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer5 5 Jani_B_24_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer23 6 Jani_B_35_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer35 7 Jani_B_56_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer57 8 Jani_B_17_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer17 9Jani_B_11_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer11 10 Jani_B_3_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer3 11 Jani_B_1_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer1 12 Jani_B_7_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer7 28 29 53 Jani_B_4_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer4 Jani_B_8_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer8 Jani_B_10_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer10 Jani_B_12_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer12 Jani_B_13_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer13 Jani_B_14_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer14 Jani_B_15_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer15 Jani_B_16_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer16 Jani_B_18_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer18 Jani_B_19_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer19 Jani_B_20_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer19a Jani_B_21_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer20 Jani_B_22_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer21 Jani_B_23_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer22 Jani_B_25_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer24 Jani_B_26_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer25 Jani_B_27_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer26 Jani_B_30_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer30 Jani_B_31_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer31 Jani_B_32_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer32 Jani_B_33_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer33 Jani_B_34_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer34 Jani_B_36_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer36 Jani_B_37_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer37 Jani_B_39_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer40 Jani_B_40_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer41 Jani_B_41_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer42 Jani_B_42_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer43 Jani_B_43_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer44 Jani_B_44_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer45 Jani_B_45_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer46 Jani_B_46_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer47 Jani_B_47_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer48 Jani_B_48_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer49 Jani_B_49_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer50 Jani_B_50_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer51 Jani_B_51_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer52 Jani_B_52_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer53 Jani_B_55_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer56 Jani_B_58_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer59 Jani_B_59_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer60 Jani_B_60_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer62 Jani_B_61_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer63 Jani_B_62_Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer64

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