Jacques & Claire

Le Jardin | Stellenbosch

21 June 2019

Of all the adventures I’ve embarked on in my life, love is by far the biggest thrill ride.

Sometimes it’s so euphoric I could die in that moment and be content, and other times it hurts so bad I physically check to see if my heart hasn’t been torn out of my chest. I wouldn’t change our story for the world. No one gets out of love alive, but I wouldn’t want to do this with anyone else. Thank you for being my ride or die Jacques Vögeli I can’t wait to roll over in bed on the morning of the 5 May and have my first words to you be “hello, husband.” This is one of Claire’s Facebook updates soon before her wedding and here’s Jacques response: “Reconnecting with the depths of the person that you are has been one of the most liberating and exciting experiences. Claire Amy Tremaine Thomson I can’t wait to share this life with you! To experience and grow with you in a world that celebrates character, strength and love. I can’t wait to wife the shit out of you! ❤”

I mean do I need to say anything more?!!!! This is the stuff movies are made of ;)  When Claire asked me to be her photographer I wasn’t sure if I should jump out of my skin because I was so flattered/happy or crap my pants… Claire is such a talented photographer herself and to be able to share her and Jacques’s special day was definitely a highlight of my career… Service provider list at the end of the post.

Coordination – Nu Expriences
Furniture & Decor – 4EveryEvent
Flowers – Lexi Stanford
Dress – Janita Toerien
H&M – Marnel Toerien
Photography- Jani B
Officiant – Azila Reisenberger
Catering – Guyall’s Kitchen
Staffing _ Saucy Events
Cakes – Claire van Rooyen
DJ – Adrian, Next Dimension

4 Responses to “Jacques & Claire”

  1. Walter Vögeli

    Wir Gratulieren zu den supper photos,freuen uns schon Jaques,Deine Frau in der Schweiz zu begrüssen…

  2. Shelley Wessels

    OMG Jani!!!!!! Magical!!!!! Wow, so beautifully captured. Looking through these pictures, it felt like I was there! I could feel the magic! Great work!

  3. Claudia Burkolter

    Wow! Amazing! Such a happy couple and a beutiful laugh which is coming from heart!
    Great location and people, looks like a great day for everybody! Photos are just fantastic! All the luck you can get, my cousin and claire!


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