Momberg Family

Somerset West

17 September 2016

I had the pleasure of shooting Marius & Nicola’s wedding a few years ago and it’s one of the nicest things to keep touch with your past brides and see how their lives develop. I had so much fun shooting these 3 cuties.. and I love the fact that Lara looks so much like her mom and dad… I’m still trying to figure out where the “attitude” comes from…she’s freaking adorable!! She didn’t sit still for a single second (gave me a good workout) and kept looking for the froggies, her mom promised her would come out of the camera, if she will sit still and look at the camera. This post is also in remembrance of little Christian, who passed away 02/02/2016…

How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard…Winnie the Pooh

lara-1 lara-2 lara-3 lara-4  lara-6 lara-7 lara-8 lara-9 lara-10 lara-11 lara-12 lara-13 lara-14 lara-15 lara-16 lara-17 lara-18 lara-19 lara-20 lara-21 lara-22 lara-23 lara-24 lara-25 lara-26 lara-27 lara-28 lara-29 lara-30 lara-31 lara-32 lara-33 lara-34 lara-35 lara-36 lara-37 lara-38 lara-39 lara-40 lara-41 lara-42 lara-43  lara-45lara-44

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  1. santa

    Pragtige fotos!


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