New York, USA

Where I lost my heart, and found myself....

15 August 2014

This city affected me in ways I find difficult to explain or even comprehend. I think the closest I can come to describing it, is a Summer Romance. You know it’s not going to last forever, but when it’s time to go home, it leaves you with this heartache and bitter sweet memories. I’ve waited nearly 6 months after returning to even open the photos. I was afraid that the images will not justify my memories.

“I lost my heart, but found myself”

To say that New York, has gotten under my skin is an understatement.  Going to America alone is the single most liberating thing I’ve done in my whole life… it made me believe in me. The 1st image of my feet, is probably the best image to describe my experience. After 2 days of walking, with blisters the size of a R5 on my heel (and trust me it’s not my first time traveling and not the first time walking vast distances), I decided to buy some flip flops. The thought behind it was to have the least amount of skin in contact with the shoe. EPIC fail… after another two days of walking (and losing a Pinky toenail), I literally had NO feeling between my big toe and the one next to it. By that time my nail polish went to the dark recesses of a place called Pedicure, my feet was covered with tape and New York grime and then I walked over this stenciling on the sidewalk. I was literally walking my feet into oblivion in search of magic… and I found it!!! Highlight: Watching the Broadway show “Annie” from the 4th row. Annie was coincidentally also the very 1st movie I saw as a 4 year old.

1Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2788 2Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2813 3Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2814 4Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2819 5Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2820 6Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2822 7Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2823 8Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2824 9Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2815 10Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2817 11Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2818 12Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2825 13Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2774 14Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2778 15Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2809 16Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2810 17Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2798 18Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2802 19Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2801 20Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2805 21Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2806 22Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2807 23Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2781 24Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2782 25Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2790 26Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2789 27Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2785 28Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2786 29Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2811 30Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2829 31Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2769 32Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2783 33Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2787 34Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2828 35Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2827 36Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2779 37Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2775 38Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2776 39Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2777 40-Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2771 41Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2780 42Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2797 43Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2795 44Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2796 45Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2770 46Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2791 47Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2792 48Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2793 49Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2794 50Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2772 51Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2773 52-Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__2808

3 Responses to “New York, USA”

  1. Life with Kaishon

    Oh! Jani! You make me want to visit at once. I am so glad you had your grand American adventure. I am thrilled to know a photographer like you. You amaze me with your perspective. Love, Becky

  2. Shelley

    As always….BEAUTIFUL!!! :)

  3. Selma

    So so so beautiful Jani. Once again you have managed to capture the soul of the city. My fav New York Quote: “One belongs to New York instantly. One belongs to it as much in 5 minutes as in 5 years.” – Thomas Wolfe
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful work!


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