The Roses

Joshua turns one!

28 September 2017

It’s such an amazing experience for me to be invited back into people’s lives. I shot Lisa & Martin’s wedding a few years ago and when Lisa asked me to photograph Joshua turning one, I was so happy! Little Joshua is one of the cutest, little boys I’ve met in a long time and he looks just like his dad…

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart. – Winnie the Pooh

JB_11410 JB_11497 JB_11589 JB_11616 JB_11668 JB_11695 JB_11716 JB_11737 JB_11740 JB_11745 JB_11753 JB_11762 JB_11770 JB_11773 JB_11782 JB_11802 JB_11810 JB_11860 JB_11884 JB_11907 JB_11916 JB_11922 JB_11927-Edit JB_11927 JB_11990 JB_12013 JB_12067 JB_12111 JB_12112 JB_12163 JB_12192 JB_12194 JB_12211 JB_12213 JB_12305 JB_12318 JB_12394 JB_12396 JB_12458 JB_12463 JB_12468 JB_12501 JB_12570 JB_12587 JB_12594 JB_12622 JB_12624 JB_12679 JB_12680 JB_12683 JB_12685 JB_12692 JB_12703

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