Ruan & Wendy

Wedding Shoot

20 September 2017

Ruan & Wendy recently got married in an understated and very intimate ceremony and I offered to do a shoot for them once they’ve settled into married life… I can’t be happier with this shoot, the light, their interaction… just super special!

I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.

I still remember Wendy (also a photographer) and I one day talked about our ideal “look” for a guy and she sent me a picture of the actor playing the lead in the TV series Vikings. A few months later I started seeing her new boyfriend on Facebook and he vaguely looked familiar…I guess in the end, Wendy, did get her Viking ;)



R&W-2 R&W-3 R&W-4 R&W-5 R&W-6 R&W-7 R&W-8 R&W-9 R&W-10 R&W-11 R&W-12 R&W-13 R&W-14 R&W-15 R&W-16 R&W-17 R&W-17a R&W-17b R&W-18 R&W-19 R&W-20 R&W-21 R&W-22 R&W-23 R&W-24 R&W-25 R&W-26 R&W-27 R&W-28 R&W-29 R&W-30 R&W-31 R&W-32 R&W-33 R&W-34 R&W-35 R&W-36 R&W-37 R&W-38 R&W-39 R&W-40 R&W-41 R&W-42 R&W-43 R&W-44 R&W-45 R&W-46 R&W-47 R&W-48 R&W-49 R&W-50 R&W-51 R&W-52

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